Developing and manufacturing individual parts are often accompanied by high costs. Aveltech offers a budget-friendly way to access those services via Crowd-Engineering. Those interested in the same solutions connect on a platform and share the overhead costs of our services.For example, retail costs for a specifically developed item may go down by 75% when only four customers merge.

The problem of high costs is not unknown to small businesses and individual clients for whom customized development and production has often provento be non-economic. Often those businesses rely on series production, although their demands are not fully met. We have encountered this problem in our past projects and offer a practical solution through Aveltech Crowd-Engineering.

Our solution is based on a simple principle: the price of a product always depends on overhead costs and variable costs. Overhead costs are made up from personell, costs for infrastructure and for investments, such as manufacturing tools. Variable costs are mostly within the purchase of materials needed.

In order to keep overhead costs low, Aveltech’s philosophy is to use resources only when needed for a project. By providing a Crowd-Engineering platform, shared demands of individual clients and small businesses also means shared overhead costs. Our experience shows that often there is more than one person with the same problem and the same demand, but the true problem lies within finding that other Person.


How Crowd-Engineering works:

Step 1: The Idea

You have a problem or an idea for a product and you think you may not be alone with it? Use the Crowd-Engineering contact sheet and send us a description of your problem or idea, if possible with a detailed demand profile. In order to provideyou with an offer, all we need is the desired pricing and purchase quantity of each item.


Step 2: Analysis of the project

After receiving your suggestion, we will analyse your project. The analysis includes the practicability and the market potential of your suggestion. This helps us evaluate if the execution of your idea is realistic and how many customers have to connect for an affordable product.


Step 3: The offer

When your suggestion renders itself executable, we will set up an offer on the Crowd-Engineering platform. The community will be shown the development of the price depending on the quantity of purchased items, as well as the threshold and the limit of purchase, and the time limit. The threshold of purchase defines the minimum after which the project is executable and a contract for production can be made. The price per item is the maximum price and is bound to the threshold of purchase – it can only get lower from here on out. Pricing will be final after the time limit is up. The limit of purchase marks the point where further evaluation of the project might render different manufacturing techniques as more attractive and economical in order to get the price even further down. The price will not go back up at this point.


Step 4: Development and production

When the time limit is up and a deal has been made, a down payment is made and the development and/or production of your product begins. We will keep you updated on the progress of your product. If there has not been a deal made, there are two options: you can either expand the time limit on your idea or you can withdraw from it free of charge.


Step 5: The finished product

The finished product is shipped to you.

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