In order to provide our customers an appropriate product for their purposes, we have expanded our range of services perfectly suited for small batches. The vehicle has evolved into a complex system with numerous interfaces. If a new system should develop and integrate, there are many factors to consider. Aveltech is your partner in the development and vehicle integration, from the competitive analysis on design to the finished product. Depending on the complexity of the project, we draw on selected experts and combine this expertise to your product. This philosophy, to use resources and skills only when needed, opens many advantages for our customers.


In the development of the product, your requirements and our experience of previous projects are also included as well as findings from accompanying simulations. The performance of the entire vehicle is the basis of every conception and it is our claim. This concept combines various disciplines, from the suspension over the engine and electric up to the chassis.


To validate and test your simulations and products we provide years of expertise of our partners and their test facilities.


These includes:

  • wind tunnel


  • chassis dynamometer test bench


  • Flow Bench


  • Vibration test bench

By the independent production with external partners no manufacturing process is excluded. Here we depend on the requirements of the product, our customers and the desired quantities. Our pool of high-quality finishers uses classic and unconventional methods and their combination to produce the products:

  • CNC-milling
  • casting
  • mechanical deformation
  • GF/CF laminate
  • 3D printing, laser sintering (plastic/metal)
  • 3D printing REPRAP
  • laser cutting (2-D/3-D)
  • precision casting
  • laser welding
  • GF/CF Infusion