How does Crowd-Engineering work?

On-demand development and manufacturing of individual parts are often accompanied by high costs. By connecting on this platform, those with the same problem can share the overhead costs. For example, retail costs for a specifically developed item may go down by 75% when only four customers merge.

How do I buy an Engineering-Deal?

Simple: Click on the button “my product”, select your method of payment and join the deal-crowd. (Payment is not final until enough people have merged and the deal is made) You should share this deal with your friends! The bigger the crowd gets, the sooner the deal can be made, and the lower the price.

How do I learn about current deals?

Sign up on our website and submit your interests. We will keep you informed about current deals. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

How do I pay for a product bought on Aveltech?

Right now, you can chose between four ways of payment: PayPal, via credit card, cash upon delivery and direct debit. When an Engineering-Deal is made, the down-payment that has been agreed upon before is due. The rest of the payment is due once the product is finished.

Is Crowd-Engineering a subscribtion?

No, of course not. We will only keep you updated to current deals that might be interesting for you – wether you want to buy a deal or not is always up to you.

How and when will I receive my product?

As soon as the time limit on the deal is up and made, and your down-payment has been received we will start developing your product. Our goal is to get the product to you as quickly as possible. Depending on the efford of development and manufacturing delivery times may vary. Specifics and updates regarding current delivery times are in the description of each deal.

Is Aveltech involved in every step of the manufacturing progress?

No. Our key cometences are motor technology, project planning and project management. To meet your demands, we rely on the knowlegdge and resources of selected, experienced partners from our network. Our services enable us to provide the best know-how for your product.

Does Aveltech only offer services on the Crowd-Engineering platform?

No. Aveltech also offers other engineering services, but they can also be purchased on the Crowd-Engineering platform to reduce costs.

Can I return a product that I bought?

Unfortunately not. Because the product is custom-designed and manufactured to fit your needs, we have a no-return policy. If the product is deficient, we will repair it, of course.

Can single, individual services also be commissioned via Crowd-Engineering?

Of course! It is not only possible to develop an entire product, but we also provide concepts, calculations or manufacturing.

Your quastion was not answered here?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Mail. We will be glad to help!